Tuesday, April 26, 2016

SQL like IN clause in RethinkDB

Let’s consider a simple example of product. We need to get all product where product ids in a given list. A product document goes like this-
         “Description”:”Whole grain bread”,
         “Description”:”Low fat milk”,
         “Name”:”Vint soda”,
         “Description”:”Americana Variety – Mix of 6 flavors”,
An equivalent SQL statement in this case will be –
SELECT ID, Name, Description from Products WHERE ID IN (1,2)
To implement this we can use filter with expr and map like below-
r.table('products').filter(function(product) {
        return r.expr([1,2]).contains(product('ID'))
    }).map(function (product) {
        return {
            id : product('ID'),
            name : product('Name'),
            description: product('Description')

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